Contributing to a greener world

Solid & Sustainable

At Robin, sustainability isn’t just a concept – it’s a commitment we hold dear. We take pride in contributing to a greener world by crafting our products with aluminum – a material that embodies strength, lightness, and exceptional durability. What sets aluminum apart is not just its remarkable qualities but its 100% recyclability. Unlike many materials, aluminum retains its unique properties through every recycling cycle, ensuring it can be reused endlessly without compromising quality.

A doorbell to last

Choosing our Robin doorbell means choosing a product built to last. With the robustness of aluminum, your doorbell will withstand the test of time, offering reliable performance for a decade and more. No worries about weathering effects – unlike plastic counterparts, our aluminum-made doorbell stands resilient against the elements.

Reduce plastic

Although a large part of our doorbell is made of recyclable aluminum, there are also plastic and electronic parts. Those elements can’t or can be challenging to recycle but are necessary for the product to function and protect it. Because of smart development design, we reduced the plastic components on the printed circuit board (PCB) and the size of the PCB and the plastic cover at the backside. Also, by choosing for a steady connection via Power over Ethernet, there is no need for a battery. We reduced the plastic in packaging as much as possible: we use paper bags and packaging material which all can be recycled.

A closed-loop system

When it’s time to upgrade or if you no longer need your doorbell, we’ve made recycling easy and eco-friendly: You can simply return it to us, and we will repurpose the aluminum for new doorbells, ensuring a closed-loop system and minimizing waste. Alternatively, you can contribute to local sustainability efforts by bringing your doorbell to a nearby recycling center that accepts aluminum and can handle electronics. By choosing either route, you actively participate in the circular economy, helping to maintain a greener future for generations to come.

Let’s reduce our CO2 footprint together

We adopt a tree on your behalf

For every purchase you make, we are committed to adopting a tree on your behalf through our partnership with EcoMatcher. This initiative allows you to virtually travel to the very tree you’ve helped plant. Dive into the journey of your tree, explore detailed information about its species, and witness its growth through captivating visuals. Your commitment to sustainability is acknowledged with a personalized certificate that celebrates your contribution.

Shortly after your purchase, you’ll receive an email containing a link to your adopted tree, ensuring you stay connected with the positive change you’ve initiated. For more information about our partner Ecomatcher check out